GRAPHIC CONTENT: Headless swan found on Baths Island

GRAPHIC CONTENT: Headless swan found on Baths Island

Tara O'Connor

A headless swan was discovered in Windsor this morning.


The swan was found on Baths Island, off Stovell Road, and Wendy Hermon of the charity Swan Support said she suspected the bird had been attacked by a dog.

The island is popular with dog walkers and Wendy, treatment and rescue centre coordinator for Swan Support, said swans have been killed by dogs in the park before.

She said: "I saw it this morning and I'm not a vet but my first opinion was it's probably a dog that did it."

Wendy said it is possible that the swan was already sick as it would have had to be slow moving for its head to be taken off.

She said there have been other dog attacks on swans on Baths Island before.

In August 2013, a swan’s carcass was found on the island and it was suspected to have been barbecued.

Wendy added: "We're called to Windsor quite a lot. It's because it is a big area with a lot of swans.

"On that island we have a lot of dog attacks. A few months ago we had to fence off an area to protect some swans.

"I know of a particular dog that attacked a swan more than once."

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