Puppy loses an eye after being attacked by another dog in Windsor

Puppy loses an eye after being attacked by another dog in Windsor

Hannah Crouch

Puppy loses an eye after being attacked by another dog in Windsor

A puppy lost an eye during an attack by another dog in Windsor on Saturday as his horrified owner and her two young children watched on.

Kelli Loveridge has pledged to raise awareness about dangerous dogs after her 14-week-old King Charles spaniel, Franklin, was badly injured in a park near Windsor Football Club in St Leonards Road at about 3.30pm.

It was Franklin's first walk outside off the lead and the mum-of-two had her back turned when she heard the pup, who had only been with the family for three weeks, make an 'absolutely horrific noise'.

When she turned around she discovered Franklin had been attacked by a springer spaniel which resulted in him losing his eye.

Franklin was taken to the vets who Kelli said told her the dog's head had been bitten with such force it caused the eye to pop out.

"They tried to save his eye but we were told later that day they had to remove it," the 24-year-old said.

"Both my children witnessed the incident and were devastated.

"He has not been the same since the incident. He was not a very confident dog to begin with and I hope this does not affect him, but he is a little trooper.

"He still remains confident.

"He has been bumping into things and that is something we will have to manage."

The owner of the bigger dog denied any responsibility and while he handed over his phone number, they are not responding to calls.

Kelli, who lives in Tilstone Close in Eton Wick, contacted police and was told as there were no humans involved it was a civil offence, not a criminal case.

They are not investigating the attack.

"I really think it should be a criminal offence if one dog attacks another and I will do what a can to try and change it," said Kelli, a director of Emu Property Maintenance.

"There are laws about dangerous dogs and in my opinion it is breaking the law and something needs to be done.

"The dog owner needs to face up to what they did and take responsibility for it."

Franklin is having his stitches removed next week and Kelli is determined to take him to the park again and put the whole incident behind them.

"Moving forward I will do what I can into helping to highlight the difference between the civil and the criminal cases," she added.

"Guidelines can be unclear and confusing.

"I want to make sure this does not happen to anyone else."

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