Campaign launched to save 'lifeline' bus route

Campaign launched to save 'lifeline' bus route

Paul Miles

Campaign launched to save 'lifeline' bus route

A campaign to save a bus route which has been branded a ‘lifeline’ has been backed by more than 800 people.

Worried Winkfield mum Donna Webster has launched two petitions calling for the First 191 bus route to be saved after the operator announced plans to scrap it.

It follows a decision by the bus company to close its depot in Bracknell and withdraw most of its services in the area due to financial losses.

Route 191 travels between Bracknell, Ascot, Windsor, and Slough and also stops off at Legoland.

Donna, who lives in a mobile home park near North Street, uses the bus service to take her 17-month-old son to a nursery in Windsor and fears the impact the closure will have on both her and her neighbours' lives.

“It is my lifeline but then there is a lot of people my mother's age or pensioners who are unable to drive for medical reasons and it is a lifeline for them as well," she said.

“People will not be able to go out to do their shopping or attend doctor's appointments. A lot of people will become reclusive.”

The 37-year-old has spoken to both Bracknell Forest Council and the Royal Borough about the issue while canvassing support from her neighbours.

She intends to submit her two petitions, one of which is online, to Bracknell and Windsor MPs Phillip Lee and Adam Afriyie.

She has been encouraged by a decision from First to extend the service from its planned closure date of August 29 to September 25.

“I do understand businesses need to make a profit but when people like myself rely on this bus in order to have a normal life, it should not be about being commercially viable,” she added.

A statement from First apologised to customers over its depot closure but said its operations had become unsustainable.

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