Chief Constable: Home burglaries a priority for police

Chief Constable: Police are committed to attending burgled homes and investigating burglaries in Windsor and Maidenhead

Simon Meechan

Chief Constable: Home burglaries a priority for police

The Chief Constable says police are committed to responding quickly to burglaries in the Royal Borough.

At a meeting held in Maidenhead Town Hall last night, deputy chairman of the crime and disorder overview and scrutiny panel, Cllr John Story (Con, Sunninghill and South Ascot) asked Thames Valley Police Chief Constable Francis Habgood if burglary victims in Windsor and Maidenhead can always expect a police officer to visit their home to investigate.

Chief Constable Habgood said: “With a domestic burglary we expect to get there in an hour of the report being made, unless it is not appropriate for the victim.”

Exceptions, he said, are sometimes made when the victim is not at their home immediately after the burglary.

He reiterated that tackling and investigating domestic burglaries is a priority for the police.

He added: “If there are people [burglars] believed to be in the premises, we will get there immediately.”

Speaking at the same meeting, Chief Constable Habgood said his force expects to have to make further cuts.

By 2017-18, Thames Valley Police anticipates it will have had to budget for a £67.1million reduction in grant funding since 2011-12, representing a 25 per cent cut and a funding gap of £21million.

He said: “We don’t know what our budget is going to look like yet for the next few years. But what we do know is we have to make some cuts.”

The police, he said, will look at ‘priority budgeting’ to work out where it can justify cutting costs.

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