Inquiry begins into proposals to bring new haunted house to Legoland

Inquiry begins into proposals to bring new haunted house to Legoland

David Lee

Objectors to the proposed haunted house at Legoland Windsor Resort say the town’s infrastructure ‘can’t cope’ with more attractions being added to the park.

Members of Windsor’s urban development control panel refused Legoland permission to build its haunted house in August 2014 due to concerns over the impact it would have on traffic congestion and greenbelt land.

But the resort’s bosses appealed against the decision and a four-day public inquiry started at Royal Windsor Racecourse yesterday (Tuesday).

Helen Price, chairwoman of the West Windsor Residents Association, told the inquiry: “The haunted house is an additional ride, not a replacement ride, and in my opinion it will attract more visitors.

“The current infrastructure can’t cope.”

Objector Roger Cullingham presented photographic evidence to planning inspector Robert Parker which showed the traffic congestion surrounding the resort.

He added: “I and many others are asking for a cap on visitor numbers for the benefit of all concerned.

“Step one in achieving this objective would be to object this application to this new attraction, which by Legoland’s own admission was designed to attract new visitors and to encourage previous visitors to return.”

Russell Harris QC, representing Legoland, told the inquiry that, if given the go-ahead, the haunted house would only lead to one extra vehicle every two to 10 minutes on the roads surrounding the resort.

He also disputed the impact the attraction would have on greenbelt land.

“Suggestions that the traffic impact of the proposal harms the greenbelt around the site are simply not sustainable,” he said.

“There is a complete failure to quantify or identify the nature of any alleged greenbelt harm.

“Legoland is a mature amusement park with 56 rides. The proposal would represent a tiny fraction of the overall offer of the park.

“This is very much a secondary, indoor facility.”

The inquiry is due to finish on Friday.

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