'Bed blocking' dementia patients moved on swiftly in Royal Borough

'Bed blocking' dementia patients moved on to care homes swiftly in Royal Borough

Tara O'Connor

The Health and Wellbeing Board heard the Royal Borough has been good at moving dementia patients on from hospital at a meeting at Windsor Guildhall on Tuesday.

Mike Copeland, chairman of Healthwatch WAM, said the service had conducted a dementia survey at Wexham Park Hospital.

“There are a lot of dementia patients bed blocking, what we need to look at is which authorities are able to move people on quickly” he said.

“What I’m pleased to say is the Royal Borough comes out as one of the best ones.

“The Royal Borough is good at moving people on; the worry is the very, very limited spaces available in care homes.

“The Royal Borough did have more care homes available than other boroughs.”

The board also discussed how best to inform the public about the Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy (JHWS), which identifies the health needs in different areas of the borough.

The Health and Wellbeing is made of leaders from the health and care system to ‘improve the health and wellbeing of the local population’.

Health and Wellbeing development officer at the Royal Borough, Catharine Mullins, said there will be consultation on the JHWS to find out ‘what is important to residents and their area'.

Dr Adrian Hayter, WAM CCG clinical chair and lead for Windsor said it is important to ‘tell the story’.

Members of the forum discussed the Slough Story, a document combining statistics from the council, its partners and other organisations.

“If you went to a pub and asked someone what they think of the JHWS they would probably look back at you with blank face,” said Dr Hayter.

“We need to make it into a story to make it more relatable.”

Councillor Stuart Carroll (Con, Boyn Hill) said the board needs to ‘think about the language’ they use when talking about the Health and Wellbeing Board and JHWS to residents.

He suggested using videos, and said being able to describe what the board does in 60 seconds with simple language and diagrams is important – to members of the board and residents.

The board will meet again on December 1 at 4pm. The location is yet to be confirmed.

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