Borough could spend £20,000 on 'formalisation' of Hurley-Bisham bicycle route

Borough could spend £20,000 on 'formalisation' of Hurley-Bisham bicycle route

Simon Meechan

The Royal Borough's cycle forum will be asked for its views on how to spend the £75,000 bicycle transport budget.

In 2015, the borough's cabinet agreed to pledge £75,000 each year to the cycling budget for 2015-16, 2016-17 and 2017-18.

Priorities would be decided partly through discussion with the cycle forum, which next meets on Tuesday at 6.30pm in Maidenhead Town Hall.

The borough has identified a list of potential projects through feasibility studies.

It could spend £30,000 on the new National Cycle Network 422 route between Ascot and Windsor, to pay for an environment assessment and planning application.

Other projects include spending £20,000 on a 'formalisation' of the cycle route between Hurley and Bisham along Temple Lane.

The report, to be heard at the cycle forum, says: "Members of the cycle forum are invited to review and discuss the proposed priorities and identify any other schemes that they may wish to see progressed before coming to an agreement on the preferred programme."

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