Charity asks artists to donate music to fund cancer research

Charity asks artists to donate music to fund cancer research

David Lee

Charity asks artists to donate music to fund cancer research

Musicians from New York City to Nottinghamshire have been donating their songs to a Windsor charity which is hoping to fight a deadly disease with money from music downloads.

Freddy Stratton, 61, who lives in Aston Mead, set up his Children with Cancer charity in September.

The charity provides an online database where musicians from around the world can donate their songs which are then made available for the music-loving public to buy.

Each track costs 89p, with 66p from every sale donated to Cancer Research UK’s work to support children with cancer. The remaining 23p covers the cost of using the online payments system PayPal.

Freddy’s journey towards setting up the charity started back in 2012 when he suffered partial paralysis due to an inflammation in his spine.

Instead of wallowing in self-pity, Freddie said the illness made him want to learn to play a musical instrument and he duly took up the keyboard.

Freddy said: “I started to compose some music then in September I started this charity.

“I knew that my music alone was not everybody’s choice so I sent out a request to singers, songwriters and bands asking if they would like to donate a song.

“I thought the hardest part would be getting the songs online but these artists give so generously because they realise it’s supporting a lovely cause.”

More than 30 artists have now signed up to Freddy’s website and he uses the charity’s Twitter account to reach musicians from across the globe.

“I’ve done this all from my bedroom,” he said.

“When I get up the first thing I do is upload the latest music that has been donated. I’ve got to keep up with all the different time zones.”

Freddy said he wanted to tackle the disease with music downloads after he lost a close friend to cancer in 2014.

He has raised just under £500 but has his sights set on raising £10,000 to help fight cancer.

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