Windsor MP Adam Afriyie backs leaving the European Union

Windsor MP Adam Afriyie backs leaving the European Union

Simon Meechan

Britain should leave the European Union so it can regain control of its own laws and boost trade with developing nations, according to Windsor MP Adam Afriyie.

In a statement, the Conservative MP said: “The risks of higher taxes, uncontrolled immigration and declining EU trade by remaining in the EU are overwhelming. I am therefore supporting Vote Leave.

"A vote to remain is not a vote for keeping things as they are – it is a vote to allow the EU to take even greater control over our affairs.

"Voting to leave is the only way we can regain control over our own laws and keep our country safe, prosperous and free.

"Anyone who wants to trade with Europe and gain the freedom to help developing nations across Africa and Asia by buying their produce should vote to leave.”

His position contrasts with that of Maidenhead MP Theresa May, who says it is in the ‘national interest’ to stay in a reformed EU.

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