Battersea Old Windsor reunites lost dog with owner after six months

Battersea Old Windsor reunites lost dog with owner after six months

Battersea Old Windsor reunites lost dog with owner after six months

An emotional dog-owner has been reunited with her Cocker Spaniel six months after the beloved pet went missing.

Twelve-year-old pooch Maddie found herself at Battersea’s centre in Old Windsor days before Christmas after she had gone missing on a walk in London weeks before.

Maddie has now been reunited with her relieved owner Juliet Bouverie, who is urging everyone to get their pets microchipped ahead of the introduction of a new law.

She said: “It was incredibly stressful and I felt so upset and above all helpless.

“It was even worse when I got home – the flat felt so lonely without Maddie and I couldn’t believe she was missing. We scoured the area for days and put up posters but to no avail.

“I washed Maddie’s dog bowls but couldn’t bear to put away her bed – it would’ve felt like I was giving up on her.”

Maddie belonged to Juliet and her long-term partner John, who died of a brain tumour six years earlier, making the loss of Maddie even more distressing.

“It felt like yet another painful loss and the extra loneliness without having Maddie by my side was tough.

“I burst into tears when I found out Maddie was at Battersea Old Windsor. I was amazed that my luck had been turned around and that Maddie was back in my life.

“When I went to collect her, she squeaked and kissed me all over. When we got home she ran straight to the front door, rushed around my flat with excitement, then catapulted herself six feet into her bed. It was clear she was happy to be home.”

Kaye Mughal, centre manager at Battersea Old Windsor, said: “We were so pleased we could reunite Maddie with her owner Juliet – if only it was this easy for all 27 per cent of stray dogs that come into our care.”

Microchipping becomes compulsory under a new law which comes into force on April 6.  

Visit for more information on Battersea and responsible dog ownership.

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