Antiques shop owner calls for extra policing following two raids in as many weeks

Tara O'Connor

Tara O'Connor

Antiques shop owner calls for extra policing following two raids in as many weeks

A call for extra policing has been made by a shop owner in central Windsor after his business was raided by thieves twice in two weeks.

Bruce Sutton, owner of Berkshire Antiques in Thames Street, says he has noticed a change in the town in the past 10 years and regularly has people urinating through his letter box and ‘smearing’ kebabs on the windows of his shop.  

On Monday the shop was targeted by thieves who removed a door and climbed in.

An axe was used to smash cabinets and they made off with a haul of jewellery, escaping over Eton Bridge on a motorcycle.

The raid took place at about 4.30am. It was the second time the shop has been targeted within two weeks.

On Wednesday, April 27, a window at the shop was smashed by a pair who also arrived on a motorbike. They stole items of jewellery before driving off.

Bruce, who did not wish to comment on the value of the items stolen, was alerted to both break-ins by the police after the alarm went off at the shop.

The Datchet resident told the Express that until now the shop had not been burgled in the 35 years he has owned it.

“It is unfortunate that it has happened,” said Bruce. “Windsor has all changed. I’m not being grand, but it is not the place it used to be.

“I’ve had kebab smeared on the window and people weeing through the letter box.”

He added: “Imagine if you came down with your husband to look at a nice ring and you put your hand on ketchup all over the window. I have to clean it all myself.

“I always thought Windsor would be the sort of place where there would be more security. I think there needs to be more policing.”

When asked about an increase in patrols, Thames Valley Police directed the Express to its April crime update.

It states: “We have been proactively targeting criminals who are damaging our community; we are passionate about this and will continue to aggressively reduce the problems.”

A 27-year-old man of no fixed address has been arrested in connection with both offences and has been granted bail until June 27.

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