Residents deserve so much better than this

Richard Endacott

Richard Endacott

The unnecessarily aggressive letter signed by all the local Conservative councillors (Viewpoint, last week), highlights either a misunderstanding of the voting process for the budget or a deliberate attempt to mislead your readers.

Residents know that Cllr Da Costa, among other disaffected Conservative councillors and independents across the borough, could not have voted against item specifics within the budget, such as spending plans for individual wards, but could only pass judgement on the budget as a whole.

To enable the spending plans the council is entirely dependent on the success of the Borough Local Plan (BLP), with returns from property speculators and increased council tax from an enlarged population.

Failure of the BLP, (which judging by the inspectors’ initial questions is looking likely), will call into question the affordability of the plans. Opposition councillors were right to highlight these concerns.

The West Windsor Residents Association has consistently welcomed the spending in our ward, although with the maintenance of our highways being a statutory responsibility of the council, one must ask why after over a decade in power the ruling party has allowed our roads and pavements to fall into such disrepair.

I am alarmed however, that ALL the local Conservative councillors have chosen to sign this letter.

Although with questions still remaining over their involvement in the 2015 election and the now infamous ‘Garden Centres Saved’ leaflet, deliberately misleading statements are becoming a habit.

Trust is at an all-time low. Residents deserve so much better.

Richard Endacott

Vice Chairman

West Windsor Residents Association

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