Ukrainian woman making candles to support stranded citizens

A Ukrainian woman whose family are facing Russian bombardment in Kyiv is making her own ‘Flame of Freedom’ candles to support her country.

Eton resident Olga Line moved to the UK from the Ukrainian capital in 2020 and now runs candle-making business, William West Candles.

The 35-year-old’s family are still living in Kyiv and are now facing the constant threat of advancing Russian forces as well as looming food and water shortages.

Olga told the Express how the past week has seen her spend countless sleepless nights worrying about her loved ones.

She said: “I told them to come here (to the UK) but nobody expected war.

“They were telling me its not going to be forever, why should we leave our houses? It’s our country and we don’t want to leave.

“Last night (Wednesday) was terrible.

“Kyiv was attacked and thank God they (Russia) didn’t take the city but they killed many people.

“I told my family to try and get to the borders but they say it’s too dangerous already.

“Even now, my parents are very old but the Russians are already in Ukraine.”

Olga said her father, Vladimer, is suffering from a broken leg so is unable to head to the basement when air raid sirens warn Ukrainian citizens of an impending attack.

Her husband, Roger, suggested she should design her own candles to help raise money for people stranded in Ukraine, with all proceeds due to be sent to Kyiv’s Ukrainian embassy.

Olga added: “Roger feels my pain and all the time I’m crying but he said ‘let’s do something’ so we’re making candles to raise money to help people that didn’t have the possibility to leave Ukraine.

“I didn’t sleep last night because there was an attack on Kyiv.

“We have our family WhatsApp and every 30 minutes people are checking how everyone is.

“I have nobody here apart from Roger, all my family are in Ukraine and there’s nothing I can do for them.”

Visit to support the cause.

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