New Household Cavalry band performs at Windsor Castle

New Household Cavalry band performs at Windsor Castle

Philip Dewey

New Household Cavalry band performs at Windsor Castle
The Band of the Household Cavalry outside Windsor Castle. ©Crown copyright 2012 Photographer: Sergeant Rupert Frere RLC

A newly-merged military band made its public debut at the Changing of the Guard at Windsor Castle on Wednesday.

The Band of the Household Cavalry performed for the first time shortly after 10.30am.

It is the largest symphonic band in the Corps of Army Music and was formed by merging The Band of the Life Guards and The Band of the Blues and Royals.

This followed a review of British Army Music, published in August last year.

The aim of the new band is to deliver music which is relevant to more people who are serving both home and abroad.

Major Paul Wilman, director of music, said: "This is an exciting period for Army Music and for the musicians in the merged band, which will eventually be 64-strong, enabling us to produce a very high quality symphonic concert band and a fantastic sound when marching or riding the horses.

"It will also give us the flexibility to release the musicians to support state ceremonial and other musical commitments in support of the wider army."

The two bands have worked together at many major events, including the Queen's Birthday Parade and major state visits.

Both bands' uniforms, historical traditions and activity will be maintained by the merged band.

The Changing of the Guards takes place outside the guardroom in the lower ward of Windsor Castle all year round.

Guards march on alternative days from August to March, and daily during April to July, except on Sundays.

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