UPDATE: Murder trial hears of accused's affairs

UPDATE: Murder trial hears of accused's affairs

Philip Dewey

UPDATE: Murder trial hears of accused's affairs
Claire Woolterton

Accused murderer Colin Campbell told police he had been living a 'self-centred' life after embarking on a number of affairs behind his wife's back, a court heard.

Campbell, 66, is facing trial for the murder of Claire Woolterton, 17, in 1981 whose body was found in Barry Avenue, Windsor, which he denies.

A video of his police interview with specialist investigator Philip Wenman, of Thames Valley Police's major crime review team on November 27, 2012, was played at Reading Crown Court today.

In the interview, former sales representative Campbell said he did not recall knowing Claire and did not recognise photographs of her which were shown to him.

He said: "In my lifestyle, I wasn't adverse to being friendly with ladies and Claire may well have been one of them.

"She looks like any girl I played hockey with or who I met at work. She looks like a happy person and I'm glad about that."

Campbell, born and raised in India, was questioned on his relationship with his wife and about numerous affairs he conducted with women, as well as his connections to the Windsor and Ealing areas.

In a transcript of the same interview read by prosecution barrister Alan Blake, Campbell said: "I was the one who caused problems in my life, I was an idiot and I hurt people.

"I had an affair which blew up in my face because I was living a selfish and self-centred existence."

The trial continues.

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