REVIEW: The Tempest at South Hill Park

Terry Adlam

REVIEW: The Tempest at South Hill Park

Shakesperean purists may question the gender reversal of Prospero and Antonio, but for me, it emphasised the creativity and originality that director, Joe Malyan and his team invests into these annual and excellent Shakespeare adaptations.

As Prospero, Sophie Spencer excelled with an absolute standout performance, which was no mean feat considering the talent she was sharing the stage with. Amy Wilding’s Ariel and Alex Daykin’s Caliban created memorable and watchable characterisations with the rest of the cast performing with equal assurance and talent.

Accompanied by an original live soundtrack and choir, the production continued its cinematic feel which has been prevalent in Malyan’s previous creations, though this was less ‘Widescreen’ and more visually focused on the performances that took place in a hanging circle of ropes of yet another originally designed and creatively lit set.

Rather like the tempest, this production was a magical creation that went down a storm.

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