Police to hand out fines in Windsor to cyclists riding in pedestrianised streets

This story contains footage of a collision between a cyclist and a four-year-old boy in Peascod Street which some readers may find upsetting.

Police to hand out fines in Windsor to cyclists riding in pedestrianised streets

Riders who ignore no cycling signs in Windsor will now be handed fines – weeks after a 21-year-old was jailed for crashing into a four-year-old boy.

From today (Wednesday), £50 fines can be handed out by Thames Valley Police’s Windsor Town Centre Neighbourhood Policing Team for those who fail to comply with street signs.

It comes after the team were made aware of near misses and people cycling the wrong way down one-way streets.

In March, a cyclist hit a four-year-old boy ‘at speed’ in Peascod Street, with the knowledge the front brakes of his bike were not working.

The boy’s arm became trapped in the wheel, causing the bike to flip 180 degrees, breaking the youngster’s limb.

He also lost a tooth and received burns to his face after the collision ‘dragged’ him 10 metres down the street. 

Thames Valley Police has released a video of the incident to deter cyclists from taking the risk. *The video of the incident below contains scenes which some readers may find upsetting.*

Richard Manners, 21, of Grendon Green, Stoke-on-Trent, was sentenced to 27 weeks in prison on October 9 at Reading Crown Court.

He had been warned only the day before the incident to refrain from cycling in the pedestrian area.

For the past month, PCSO Lizzy Davidson has been working to warn cyclists about the no-cycling zones, as well as giving them safety tips.

PCSO Davidson said: “There have been a number of near misses and also the incident involving the four year-old boy who was badly injured on Peascod Street.

“It’s clear that cyclists need to respect the no cycling zones and we are aware that the public have been increasingly concerned about this issue.

“We have been engaging with cyclists and the public over the past month to warn them, but if cyclists continue to break the law by riding a bike where they shouldn’t, or the wrong way down a one way street, they will be stopped and handed a £50 fine.

“If the offending cyclist is a child then their details will be taken and they will be fined at a later date in the presence of their parents.

“We hope that cyclists take heed of the warning and stop putting others in danger in no cycling zones, however if they don’t take the warning we will be fining them.”

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  • Metradio

    15:41, 01 November 2017

    In Slough I have complained about a number of Police PCSO's riding their cycles along a narrow alleyway which is clearly marked with no cyles signs, one PCSO said he did not know what the sign was for and another said she always cycled with care in the alleyway. After I saw a traffic warden ride his scooter along the alleyway I went into Slough Police Station to complain, I was told that the people concerned would be spoken to..



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