Gunmetal markers line The Queen's Walkway route around Windsor

Tara O'Connor

Gunmetal markers line The Queen's Walkway route around Windsor

Chief executive of The Outdoor Trust, Jim Walker, said the idea behind the walkway is to give people a full view of Windsor.

He said with the walkway, more tourists will be able to appreciate the areas surrounding the castle.

While the walkway is good to go, the trust is still working on a ‘panoramic panel’ which will be situated between Peascod Street, Castle Hill and High Street.

It will explain the route and highlight important views in Windsor.

Jim said he does not know exactly when the panel will be installed as the trust wants to get it ‘exactly right’.

Plans for it have been sent to the Palace, shown to the Queen and the Outdoor Trust is awaiting approval. 

Jim said: “The panel will show a view of Windsor and pick out some of the main features.

“From the position of it you can see the castle, representing the Queen as the head of the army.

“You can see Guildhall, representing the Queen as the head of the government, and you can see the St George’s Chapel, representing her as head of the church.

“It will show the subtle but important role that the Queen plays.”

On Wednesday, Queen Elizabeth II will become Britain’s longest reigning monarch.

She will overtake Queen Victoria’s record reign of 63 years, seven months and two days.

The trust has also designed a mobile phone app which can be used for information when investigating the walkway.

Similar walkways will be unveiled across the 71 Commonwealth nations which will also be included in the app, but Windsor, being the first, will remain at the centre of the app.

Jim said he hopes for it to be launched on Wednesday for Apple products, but it is still being approved by the technology brand.

It will be launched for Android technology in March.

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