Classic car show cancellation feels like 'a kick where the sun doesn't shine'

Tara O'Connor

Tara O'Connor

Classic car show cancellation feels like 'a kick where the sun doesn't shine'

The shock cancellation of a classic car show has been branded ‘cold hearted’ by its organiser.

The car show at Windsor Farm Shop in Old Windsor was due to take place for the sixth year on August 7.

But organiser Victor Gallucci said he received an email from the farm shop on Wednesday informing him the site could not be used for the show this year.

He has organised classic car shows for 30 years and described the email as ‘impersonal and so cold hearted’.

Preparations were already underway and about 350 vehicles were signed up to feature in the show at the site in Datchet Road.

“I had already got the farm shop to OK the poster and the dates we wanted to do it so I am quite shocked.

“The idea of that show was about bringing spending into the farm shop.

“It takes a lot of organisation to get the right people and the right cars and now I’ve had to ring up nearly 400 people to tell them it is cancelled.

“I feel as though I’ve been kicked where the sun doesn’t shine.”

The organiser, who is from Kingston upon Thames, told the Express he was offered an alternative field to use for the event but said the farm shop was one of the attractions of the day.

“People were looking forward it, it’s a highlight. They feel they are going to tread on the same ground as the Queen.

“I could go to any field but that’s not the point, there would be no toilets there and no cafe to get something to eat. We don’t want to be anywhere else.

“The team and I are absolutely heart broken that this should happen after all the work.”

Diane Kennedy from the Windsor Farm Shop confirmed that the show will not be held at the venue this year but did not wish to comment further.

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