Windsor man issues warning after falling foul of parking system

Adrian Williams

Adrian Williams

A Windsorian has voiced concerns over the paying system at Windsor Leisure Centre that left him ‘fleeced’ – paying 10 times as much for parking as he should have.

The leisure centre car park runs off of the RingGo app.

In some car parks, it is possible to pay up front for the allotted amount of time you want to park.

However, at Windsor Leisure Centre, those who park must begin the timer upon parking and stop upon leaving, after which RingGo will charge for the amount of time spent in the car park.

The problem – some visitors have found – is that it is easy to forget to hit ‘stop’, meaning you can pay in the tens of pounds for a very brief stay.

Richard Endacott is one Windsorian who fell foul of this system recently.

He was at the centre for less than an hour, which should have cost him £1.40.

By the time he had remembered to hit the button to end his session, he had been charged £14.

“It’s quite easily done. You’ve got the children begging you for ice cream and your attention is somewhere else,” he said.

Richard suggested it would be a good idea for the council to install signs at the exit to help people remember to hit stop on the RingGo timer.

There are other problems, he says – sometimes the ‘stop’ button does not work while in the car park, necessitating driving home in order to do so, leading to an overcharge.

Posting about his experiences on social media, several people responded to Richard to say they had also been caught out.

“Not everyone is on social media, so they might not know about this,” he said.

A council spokesperson said: “The standard RingGo parking zones in the Royal Borough operate on a start-stop basis.

“When someone commences a parking session on the RingGo App, it is made very clear that they need to stop their session when they leave so they can be charged the appropriate amount.

“On the odd occasion that a user unfortunately forgets to end their session, they can log into their RingGo account and request a refund via the RingGo website.”

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