Windsor crime round-up: Woman's car tagged and valuables stolen

Adrian Williams

Adrian Williams
Windsor crime round-up: Woman's car tagged and valuables stolen

The following crimes have been reported in Windsor and surrounding areas in the past week. If you have any information on them, use the online reporting tool at or call 101.

You can also call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111 or email 

All information comes via Thames Valley Police's neighbourhood alerts. (

Central Windsor:

Monday, August 2, 2.45pm, Home Park car park. The owner of a green and white mountain bike reported someone riding away on it. The person is described as wearing a black baseball cap, a black puffer jacket, grey tracksuit bottoms with a shoulder bag. Ref. No: 43210344624

Tuesday, August 3, 7.45pm, Thames Avenue. The owner propped their blue and orange Boardman mountain bike up outside a shop. When they came out, they saw someone riding it away. Ref. No: 43210346797

Eton and Eton Wick:

Tuesday, August 3, 9pm, Queen’s Road, Eton Wick. A 4X4 drove over fields with dogs – hare coursing (illegal hunting). This is the third night this has happened. Ref. No: 43210346824

Clewer, Dedworth and Oakley Green:
Wednesday, August 4, 10.45am, Perrycroft. Locked up bike stolen. A woman’s bike with a basket on the front. Ref. No: 43210347486

Datchet, Horton and Wraysbury:

Wednesday, July 28, 7.25pm, Rec, Green Lane, Datchet. A report of two youths hare coursing. Ref. No: 43210337195

Wednesday, July 28, 1.15pm, Montagu Road, Datchet. Catalytic converter stolen from a car on Saturday. It will cost £1,500 to replace. Ref. No: 43210336552

Sunday, August 1, 10pm – Monday, August 2, 5.30pm, Burglary London Road, Datchet. A hedge in a front garden was trodden down and garden furniture piled up against the rear wall enabling an offender to climb up to the first-floor bedroom window. Full search of the first floor. An expensive watch box was stolen – the watch was not inside. Ref. No: 43210345019

Sunday, August 1, 10pm – Monday, August 2, 1.30pm, Welley Road. Burgundy Fiat 500, licence plate number RX ** HWG stolen from outside a house. Ref. No: 43210344493

Old Windsor:

Wednesday, July 28, 12.40pm, The Friary. The owner has CCTV video footage of two youths who crept onto her drive and tiptoed about. They may have been walking through the property to access the river. Nothing taken. Ref. No: 43210336495


Monday, August 2, 12.15pm, supermarket car park. The aggrieved was driving out of the car park when a woman tapped on her window. She said there is something on the back of her car. The aggrieved stopped and got out to see. The back of the car had black felt tip scribble across the boot. She got back in the car and drove home. When she got there, she found her wallet and phone were missing. She started to cancel cards and found there had been at least four attempted transactions on one card in Bracknell, but the bank had rejected them as unusual or suspicious transactions. Ref. No: 43210345258


Thursday, July 29, 10 35am, Hancocks Mount. Video doorbell footage showed that for two days prior to the crime report, a car parked outside a house and the driver put his hand through the railings next to the letter box at a gated property. He can be seen pulling the mail from the mailbox. He wore a black mask, black cap and drove a black Audi. He walked past the house, took the mail then left. Ref. No: 43210337921

Ascot and South Ascot:

Wednesday, July 28, 11pm, London Road. A witness reported seeing torchlights, possibly a small fire, from the private woodland and hearing something break. Ref. No: 43210337473

Friday, July 30, 0.40am, Ascot Wood car park, Station Hill. A witness reports two men in a transit van driving onto the site and rummaging through sheds – it is suspected that they were trying to steal cable. Ref. No: 43210339371

No crime to report in Clewer East and Park.

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